London’s Google Office Gets Funky New Floor

google officeSituated near Whitehall and Buckingham Palace, the Google UK Office has recently received an unusual makeover of its fourth floor. Google London employee Henrique Penha, the lead designer for Google’s Android mobile phone technology, began conceptualising the new quirky new floor about a year ago and today it is one of the most creative offices spaces in the UK.

Part of the Google’s extravagant office spread includes a recording studio, a games room and a gym that is free to all staff members. In the centre is an indoor park with grass like carpets, complete with rowing boat and deck chair. Similar to other offices to let that value creative and fun environments for employees, the Google London office completes the look with a pool table, video consoles and television screens that are cleverly incorporated into the design of the office space. The most incredibly cool feature yet has to be the coffee lab, which serves four coffee blends that have been created specifically for staff members. Not only does the coffee keep staff member happy, but keeps them awake too. If you don’t believe it, take a peek inside Google office yourself.

The inspiration behind the new Google office suit is not only about providing a comfortable serviced office London, but creating an environment that is conducive to innovative thinking, motivating staff members to push boundaries. According to Penha, “It’s about function, making it better for the engineers day to day, and how we go about creating, inventing and building – we wanted to give it a ‘Googley’ feel. Making it feel like it’s not an office was part of the brief.”
Another advantage of Google having a funky office space is that it helps to retain staff members, whose brilliant minds are always being sourced by companies like Facebook and Twitter. Thus even though the new Google offices seem extravagant, they pay off in the end. After all, the engineers who work in the fourth floor are the centre of Google’s operations.

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